Air Pillow Machine

Air cushion machine

  • Air pillow packaging for shipping
  • Fast heating,high wind pressure
  • 25 meters/minute in length to produce the buffering cushion
  • Minimal tabletop space required
  • Simple to operate and Easy to use
  • Attention to detail design, clear overview to each machine work station
  • Extensible modular design, On-demand customization function
  • Model:AP200

  • Film Specifications:W200mmxT20µmxL700m
  • Air Pillow Size:200x200mm;200x100mm
  • Air Pillow to Bear Weight:about 40kgs
  • Speed:0-25m/min
  • Dimension:W350xD360xH230mm
  • Weight: About 12kgs
  • ∗ Picture and colors for reference only.
  • ∗ ∗ All technical data is approximate and subject to change.