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  • Top Questions

    What is PhotobookWorks?

    Colgos PhotoBookworks is is developed on the basis of auto-photobook block maker and auto-case-in machine for making photobooks,by photobookStudio software or apps you can design photobook on PC,smart phone or tablet pc.And you can make photobook from photobookStudio directly.

    When the Colgos PhotobookWorks are available?

    We target to launch the first product by the May of 2020. Online Photobooks shop will be open together.

    When the Colgos PhotobookStudio are available?

    The PhotobookStudio software is currently under development and will launch with the PhotobookWorks machine. There will be a browser-based version and a standalone version.

    I would like to know where I can buy Colgos PhotoBook products?

    We provide sales and leasing services, you can also join the Colgos partner for the lease of our products. For more informations please contact at here


    For guides,press materials, including images of Colgos products, please contact at here


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