A fully-automatic
Book Block Making Machine

  • The ColgosBlock is ideal for premium book-on-demand products such as photobooks or children and promotional books. Both sides of the book are completely flat. With this type of binding visual information is not lost in the gutter and two-page spreads are fully visible. The book’s pages do not turn over automatically as with other bindings. This lay flat technology is capable to produce book blocks, independent of substrate being utilized.
  • Patented
  • CE standard

PhotoBook Binding Machine

Automatic photobook Binding technology

  • Lay flat binding(Fan binding) technology for photobook
  • Automatic feeding and positioning of sheets and card boards
  • Automatic side guides of feeding adjustment
  • Integrated glue station (hot-melt glue)
  • Patented technology gluing with auto-clean glue system
  • Sheets creasing and folding in stations
  • Forming and twice pressing in stations
  • Only one operator required
  • Rapid, fully automatic
  • Simple to operate and Easy to use
  • State-of-the art software control
  • Attention to detail design, clear overview to each machine work station.
  • Minimal floor space required
  • Extensible modular design, On-demand customization in speed and finished case size.
  • Stacker/Collector with Lift and Move Function(optional)
  • Auto-Photobook Block Maker Brochure
  • Model:CG405
  • Finished Album block size(max):405x405mm
  • Finished Album block size(min):160x160mm
  • Album Block thickness:Max.60mm
  • Block binding mode:4
  • Viscosity control:Yes
  • Clean:Automatic
  • Change size:Automatic
  • Binding Speed:Up to 360 s/h
  • Control:Touch Screen
  • Sheet Gluing: Gluing station with auto-Clean system
  • Sheet Creasing:Automatic
  • Sheet Folding:Automatic
  • Album Block Forming:Automatic
  • Album Block Pressing:Pneumatic
  • Album Block Twice Pressing Module:Yes
  • Sheet feeding:Suction cups feeding
  • Board feeding:Suction cups feeding
  • Sheet thickness:0.15-0.3mm
  • Board thickness:0.15-0.5mm
  • Collector:Optional
  • Dimension:W3180xD830xH1180mm
  • Weight:About 900kgs
  • ∗ Picture and colors for reference only.
  • ∗ ∗ All technical data is approximate and subject to change.
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