UV Package Sanitizer

Up to 99.9 percent germs removed

  • Even more intensively and reliably, the Colgos PackClean UV reduce the number of germs on the surface.
  • The latest powerful modules have been developed especially for UV disinfection in the package industry.
  • Easy handling
  • High safety
  • More powerful

Packing Cleaning Solution

The Trusted Solution for express package and devices cleaning

  • Hospital-grade Disinfection that is Simple, Proven & Effective
  • Rapid 360º sanitization proven to kill dangerous bacteria and viruses
  • Designed for Package Cleaning, Trusted Everywhere
  • The simplest, fastest and most Effective solution for killing germs on package
  • PackClean sanitizers are powerful yet simple enough to deploy throughout your entire facility
  • Counter and pre-set Cleaning time with touchscreen
  • Extensible modular design, On-demand customization function
  • Minimal space required,The hand hygiene module optional
  • Simple to operate and Easy to use, No training required,out-of-the-box


  • Package Clean Size: W550×D550×H500mm
  • Min Cleaning Time: 20s
  • Clean Type: UV light
  • Seal Door: Automatic door
  • Cleaning: 360º
  • Control: Touchscreen
  • Spray Clean Module: optional
  • Barcode Scanner: optional
  • Hand Hygiene Module: optional
  • Power Source: 220V(110V)±10% 50HZ(60HZ) 1000W
  • Dimension: W1500×D720×H1300mm
  • N.W.: About 130kgs
  • ∗ All specifications and prices subject to change without notice, will be published later.